Welcome to Truth and Illusions.  My name is Mike Fisher and God has given me an amazing testimony.  I had been the proverbial prodigal son for about twenty five years.  God in His steadfast mercy and patience guided me back to Him.

     My story is one of complete darkness and joyous redemption.  Through it I've been given a new understanding and love of the gospel that I want to share. 

     Unfortunately the world is spreading the lie that has people convinced that God is "out to get them."  ....and the world is a very effective, and completely false, witness.

     I've been a comic magician for twenty years and I know well that my skill set is great for focusing attention and making a message memorable through the use of humor and magical illustrations. 

     Now I am richly blessed in that I get to use what God has given me for His purpose!  In the following pages we'll get a chance to see some of the ways that can happen.

 Mike Fisher is an AMAZING magician who uses his talents to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Mike was a part of my Disciple Now weekend for my youth students and they absolutely loved him. He had them laughing and scratching their heads in wonder. Mike took time to talk with all my students including one of my high school students who really related to Mike's testimony. He also visited our Children's ministry classes to show them some magic on Sunday morning and they loved every second of it. Mike loves God, loves people and is great to work with.

Kory Bomar
Worship Arts/Student Minister
Northgate Church
Ft. Worth, Tx.

      My goal is simple: To serve and love God and to work for His glory.  I'm doing that by using the talents He has given me to spread the good news and contextualize Biblical messages and themes through my performances.


"Mike Fisher did a great job! He balanced funny and serious very well and the students (and leaders) loved the show. His message was clear and the magic was, well magical. He worked within our structure we had set up and played off of what we were doing already. He was punctual, responsive, and easy to get a hold of."

Mike Branton Sun Valley Community Church


     For those of you who already know Gods peace & are saved I'm glad you're here.  Please have a look around the site - Be sure to check out the themes section for some ideas on how we might be able to work together.

For those of you who may not know what I'm going on about click HERE.