ta da

The "Ta Da!" series was an outstanding idea; first through sixth grade spent nine weeks studying the miracles of Jesus.  Each week they showed one of the clips below to illustrate the miracle they had just talked about.

     At the end of nine weeks I got to put on a live show that was open to everyone.  The kids were completely excited to see the magic guy they had come to know from the videos. 

     Most importantly it got them excited to invite their friends who might not normally go to church; and at the end of the show I got to give everyone the crystal clear message of the gospel and invite them to talk with one of the folks waiting to follow up and show them how to begin a walk with Christ!

     I'm posting all the videos below and you are FREE to use them!  All I ask is that you let me know if you use them and how it went - I'd love to have the feedback. AND if you like I can come do the outreach show at the end for your group as well...but that I have to charge for - we still haven't found a way to download ME!