Themed Presentations

 Here are some ideas for themed presentations:

  1. The Good News
  2. God is in Control 
  3. Transformation
  4. Gifts of the Spirit 


"Mike did a great job this past weekend. We had been talking about miracles for the past 3 weeks and we were showing a clip of the masked magician to help students understand the difference between illusions and miracles. Mike connected well with our students. He had them laughing, which for Jr High, isn't always easily done. I would have no reservations about recommending Mike to another Jr High pastor. I think he would do well with an older audience as well."

Ryan Delviken Sun Valley Communtiy Church


Each presentation typically runs from 30 to 45 minutes


Let us know If you have a specific Scripture or theme and we will customize the presentation to underscore or illustrate it.


 An example of an all day package would include:

  • A special 20 minute presentation for your children's group.
  • A 10 minute "preview" during the services to inform and invite the congregation about 'the big show.' Also emphasize that this will be a great opportunity to invite their friends who don't go to church to come and see the show!
  • The big show - This is our chance to invite, entertain, share fellowship, and present the message for the event.  There is always a simple, clear presentation of the gospel and an opportunity for response.

Of course this is only one way to use the presentation.  Other ideas include:

      Upward Events
        VBS/Bible Camps
          Festivals & Fund raisers
            Youth Groups

             ....And anywhere else you might use a speaker or want to create an event.  If you have an idea and are looking for ideas but you're not quite sure how it could be used please feel free to contact me